Logo & Branding

Whether you are starting a business or looking to vamp up your branding, our team is here to help create a powerful and memorable brand identity that sets you apart from your competition.

Some of our logo work

Are you a new company looking to implement a digital footprint? Maybe you’re an established business wanting to take things to another level with your website. Either way, we’ve got you! MM Brands has an array of happy customers. Some are local mom and pops, others are eCommerce stores and we even have some big names. We know at the end of the day- it comes down to your budget and we have confidence we can give you something perfect within your financial means.

Logo Design

$ 299
and up
  • 1 Customized Logo Design
  • File Formats: PDF, JPG, PNG

Branding Kit

$ 499
and up
  • 3 Variations of Customized Logo Design
  • File Formats: PDF, JPG, PNG
  • Fonts
  • Color Palette
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